Asgar Afghan Afghanistan Cricketer Slams Tim Paine for his ‘Boycott Afghanistan Team’ remarks

The otherwise calm & composed, former Afghanistan Captain Asghar Afghan, gives a fitting reply to Tim Paine’s comments on the Afghanistan Team.

Tim Paine’s harsh comments on the Afghanistan team has got the former Afghanistan captain Asghar Afghan raging in anger. Tim Paine earlier questioned Afghanistan’s participation in the upcoming T20 World Cup and said that the team should not be included in the tournament. Reacting to what Tim Paine said, Asghar Afghan has written a post on Facebook. Asghar has slammed the Australian captain for making disgraceful comments on the Afghanistan Cricket team.

Asghar Afghan slams Tim Paine through a Facebook post

As a reply to Paine’s comments, Asghar wrote that Afghanistan has the right to play all the ICC events according to ICC rules. He advised Paine to understand how tough it is for an underprivileged team like Afghanistan to compete with top cricketing nations. He wrote that Tim Paine should refrain from delivering any aggressive statements for the Afghanistan team.

Asghar mentioned that Mr. Paine should not mistreat Afghanistan Cricket and the achievements which were gained by them with hardships in the past decade. Further he added that cricket is the number 1 sport in Afghanistan and 30 million Afghans follow the sport today. Asghar urged through his post to keep cricket away from Politics.

What actually happened?

All this happened as the Taliban banned all Women sports in Afghanistan, including Women’s cricket. This became a big topic of discussion in the cricketing world. Australian Test Captain Tim Paine said that Afghanistan team should not be allowed to Participate in any ICC event. He said that the cricket playing nations should not play with a country who takes the rights off their women. Paine intended to say that the Afghanistan Cricket team should be boycotted.

These comments from Tim Paine bothered Asghar Aghan and he went on to give a fitting reply to Paine.

Afghanistan is all set for the T20 World Cup 2021 as they have already released their squad. Asghar Afghan is also a member of the squad. Rashid Khan who was named as the Captain, stepped down immediately. He stated that he was not consulted before picking the squad. With Rashid Khan stepping down, Asghar Afghan might get the role of captaining the Afghanistan side.

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