In a Press Conference After England’s Defeat, Virat Kohli Controls His Frustration

India lost the third Test against England at Headingley. The visitors won brilliantly at Lord’s. Nevertheless, this match was not the game, and the Indian side had no answer for their opponents. Kohli and co. couldn’t handle the challenges they faced. From the very beginning, after Virat Kohli won the toss and chose to bat, it was apparent.

Being out for just 78 runs on the very first day of a Test match is always unfortunate. It can also be frustrating to go into a bowling match and not pick up wickets. As Team India struggled with this issue throughout the Test, England came out to bowl a second time once they had completed their innings. The visitors lost by an innings and 76 runs.

How Virat Kohli Kept His Cool After The England Loss

India was easily defeated in this game. Virat Kohli and his team did not address the opposition’s questions. During the press conference following the game, something similar was seen. The Indian skipper appeared calm and relaxed. He wasn’t as arrogant as usual. It was a crushing defeat for the team.

As Joe Root had done, Virat Kohli also accepted responsibility for his mistake after the last Test match. In some cases, the media went too far when asking questions, so he was analyzing a few things further.

King Kohli kept his cool and his video was shared on social media platforms like Twitter. Below is the Tweet –

As the series stands at 1-1 heading into the fourth test against England, what are Team India’s next steps?

The Indians should ignore this match and focus on the two games to come. If they dwell too much on the past and fail to address the issues at hand, they will lose this series. It has happened in the past as well. To compete against England, Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri will need to get the team in the right frame of mind.

This is more than just a normal series. Wars are raging! As a result, teams will want to prove their worth to their fans, who will have high expectations of them. It would be rather embarrassing for either side to lose from here on. Surely they won’t want to lose.

India’s fans will be hoping that Team India delivers when it counts. Kohli will also work on improving his own form. He managed to score some runs in the second innings at Headingley. As a result, he should be able to carry it forward into his future games. Let’s see what Team India does next!

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