India’s Next Coach, Rahul Dravid?

With Ravi Shastri retiring from his role of head coach for the Indian main team, it seems like a clear choice to appoint Rahul Dravid as the new head coach for Team India. Dravid who was the coach of India’s under 19 squad, and later India’s second team who faced Sri Lanka in a T20 series earlier in the year, has proven his worth and his skills as a coach. 

It still remains to be finalised who will take up the spot, but Dravid seems to be the frontrunner and the most logical choice so far. 

The former director of BCCI’s National cricket academy, has been in talks with the BCCI for a few months now regarding the subject. The final choice is yet to be made by the BCCI officials. There are big shoes to be filled, no matter who is selected. Shashtri who has been the coach now for around 4 years, has played a vital role in India’s success and dominance in the game of cricket.

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