Rampaul is Back for the West Indies

Ravi Rampaul, the legendary pacer for the West Indies, is back! And he’s ready to bowl the tough overs and slog overs. 

After a four year hiatus, Ravi returned to county cricket, and subsequently joined the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). In the CPL, he had a blistering economy and 19 wickets to go along with it. 

After a long career hampered by injuries and issues, when asked about his comeback and his condition, he had this to say. “With the experience gained, I know exactly what my body needs to perform. At a younger age, I didn’t know and I just wanted to continue playing cricket every day. But, with the experience gained, playing over the years, I know exactly how I need to train – the sort of gym and running work I need to do, so with that experience right now, I feel I’m a bit better at preparing for more games that way.”

Later, when asked about his side and their preparation for the campaign, he commented, “We have a lot of guys who have been playing a lot of T20 franchise cricket around the world and we could feed off each other with our experience and when different situations in the game come up, we can come together and have a plan to go ahead.”

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