Ricky Ponting talks about Shreyas Iyer’s Return to the Delhi Capitals Team

Ricky Ponting, the head coach of the Delhi Capitals, is overjoyed to have his lead batter Shreyas Iyer back in the squad for the Indian Premier League (IPL’s UAE) leg, which starts on September 19. Due to a shoulder injury suffered during the limited-overs series against England, the Mumbai hitter was forced to miss the first half of the IPL. But, following a good recovery, Iyer is preparing to play for the Capitals in the IPL’s UAE leg.

“It’s wonderful to see Shreyas again. When questioned about Iyer’s comeback to the side, Ponting told DC, “He’s got an infectious attitude,” according to the HT.

Rishabh Pant captained the squad in the first half of the IPL 2021 in the absence of their first-choice captain Iyer. The team has won six games and is presently in first place in the standings. Many assumed that with Iyer’s return, the Capitals would restore him as captain, but that is not the case; Pant will be the designated captain for the duration of the tournament.

Iyer will score runs and win a few games, according to Ponting. “I’ve spent a lot of time talking to him, and his training has been excellent. He’s itching to return to the field, score runs, and win. “He’s a world-class talent who will undoubtedly contribute significantly to our team,” Ponting continued.

Ricky Ponting was pleased with the boys’ enthusiasm at pre-season camp

Ponting went on to say that the squad is looking well for the rest of the IPL season, and that his players have showed tremendous attitude and effort throughout the pre-season camp.

“I’ve been looking forward to returning to the Delhi Capitals camp for the past four months. When I work with the team, I have a blast, and it’s one of my favourite times of the year. I’ve been paying careful attention to what’s going on here. I’ve spoken with the coaching staff here, and they’ve done an excellent job thus far (in the pre-season camp). The players’ effort and attitude indicate that the camp has been well worth their time thus far. “I am really enthusiastic about what we have planned over the next four to five weeks,” the 46-year-old added.

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