Unmukt Chand Scores an Unstoppable 50 in Minor League Cricket

In the previous year, the American Cricket Enterprise began Minor League Cricket in the U.S. However, the Coronavirus pandemic had wiped out any chance of the coveted league beginning in 2020.

With the easing of restrictions and massive vaccination programs, however, the world may be returning to normal. The U.S. in particular has done well in containing the virus.

After the lifting of Covid restrictions, things are getting back to normal in America. Minor League Cricket was organized by American Cricket Enterprise.

The tournament features 27 teams. Teams have been divided into divisions, such as the Atlantic and Pacific. The matches began on July 31.

Unmukt Chand is back after a bad phase

Unmukt Chand has returned to cricket after a very difficult period. Despite being a talented youngster in his day, he lost his way due to certain elements and politics. The player quit playing for India earlier this month.

Due to this, Unmukt Chand opted for other leagues. As a result, he signed a three-year contract to play in the Minor League Cricket. The American Cricket Enterprise has already signed several overseas players.

Unmukt Chand is currently playing for Silicon Valley Strikers in the tournament. He scored 50 runs in Sunday’s match against Golden State Grizzlies. The match was held at Morgan Hill.

Morgan Hill’s pitch was tricky and hard to bat on. The bowlers were more favored than the batsmen. Golden State Grizzlies scored 131 runs in twenty overs.

Things started looking really good for them when the Silicon Valley Strikers came on. They started off very well. The opening pair scored 73 runs. He took charge of the chase after spending more time at the crease.

Unmukt Chand went on to score a half-century and remained unbeaten until the end. The former scored 56 runs off 57 balls, demonstrating that he has rediscovered his temperament.

However, Silicon Valley Strikers won the match in the 19th over. Chand showed that he still has a lot of talent. During the game, everyone noticed his calmness and temperament.

Chand’s performance at the tournament could prove pivotal to the development of his cricket career, at least at the professional level if not at the international level. The former only needs to keep his form.

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