How Betting Predictions Helped Me Earn Rs. 5 Lakhs

“You don’t get rich by spending your time to save money. You get rich by saving your time to make money.” ﹘ Naval Ravikant

We all have some guilty pleasure. Mine is cricket!

Ever since childhood, watching cricket and playing cricket has kept me on edge. However, even after winning various inter-school/ college matches and playing state-level cricket, I could not get through any major tournament.

So, I turned my passion into predicting matches. Somehow, all my betting predictions would turn accurate. I didn’t have any set of pre-defined rules or strategic planning to win a bet. Only by studying the player’s move, the opponent’s gesture, the tension on the ground, between both the teams and past records, I could tell the next score and immediate run instantly.

Sadly, during the Corona outbreak, with matches being postponed and stadiums closed, the only choice to connect with the beloved sport of cricket was through online betting predictions. And well it did the trick!

I began to earn big from the beginning. However, the fear of losing stayed. Soon, I began to look for predictions from various sources. There were two reasons for the same. First, I wanted to know how close my prediction is to the expert’s prediction. Second, I wanted to stay updated with daily news!

My initial research included inspecting the various platforms and analyzing the trustworthy sources of betting predictions and tips. A number of betting tips sites were available online, some famous, some new, but some were fake.

Finally, I landed on the Daddybet official, the betting tips app. There were various reasons why I chose this app over many others –

  1. Since I had a long time online predicting experience, I could clearly notice the difference between platform delivery and accuracy of odds. With that said, Daddybet official covered every aspect of predicting, from daily news updates to tips & tricks.
  2. Additionally, Daddybet official covers accurate predictions. Going through various betting tips prediction sites, I tested the accuracy of odds. Daddybet has deep researched content. It looks like they have a team of experts dedicated only to predicting odds.
  3. The website is not overloaded with scraps. It provides daily selected news like 2-3 news in a day which is sufficient to get a brief summary of the match and players.
  4. Daddybet official is not an overly-done complicated betting tips site with too many obligations. It was easy to understand and process best betting prediction sites.
  5. Daddybet official provides players statistics and game prediction (including squad, pitch report, weather forecast and more). Check betting tips and predictions for today and place your stake!
  6. From domestic to international cricket tournaments, you can read about any format, match, tournament, and league. The site provides tips, tricks and people’s real-time betting experience which helps in improving learning curve.
  7. But honestly, what made me follow daddybet official was the snug feeling of the app. And well! the trust paid.

I, unintendedly, became the master of cricket. It began with small wagers, eventually increasing bets for better ROI. It was not luck, but I gradually learned/ practiced the tricks and created winning strategies based on the betting experience. 

So, here’s How Betting Predictions Helped Me Earn Rs. 5,00,000 –

1. In my game, I realized the very common mistake I had made was sweeping away the emotions of the International series. I always selected Indian players or teams while placing the bet. The was in my hand but I was blinded by favouratism and thinking rationally. Don’t forget that the objective of the game is to place a winning bet by opting for higher odds. Betting is not about supporting your idolized player or team; rather it is about opting for a player with high odds of scoring.

It is also possible to combine players of two teams without feeling guilty while placing your bet, when you are not so sure about who might win. However, in such cases where the odds are not clear, it is better to avoid the bet. Separate match sentiments from betting spirit.

2. Despite past success, a famous player may not perform the same way moving forward. Additionally, the player who underperformed may pick the match. The recent form and performance of players must therefore be analyzed. You will be able to tell which players are in good form and are performing well.

Initially, I made the mistake of betting on legendary cricketers, while going against the odds. But with a change in approach I made better money. I began to study players’ recent performances instead of checking for their past records. Having said that, players past record will help you understand the format they are more comfortable with, also pitch and opponent. However, to make a winning prediction, look for players’ recent form, performance, injury or anything that might affect their performance. There’s no better example to prove the same than India’s victory with Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement. His last international match broke records.

3. Gradually I learnt the importance of checking weather conditions and pitches are before creating the team. Weather conditions and pitch conditions greatly influence how a team and player perform. A dry pitch and a sunny day are ideal for spinners. Nevertheless, swing bowlers are better in humid climates than spinners.

4. Make the most of the toss results post-toss. The toss plays a large role in determining the odds. Although you should follow odds, don’t completely trust them. Make your own analysis. Before making any betting predictions, wait for the toss results.

5. Place multiple bets. As long as you are not sure which team will win or which player will score, it is best to place bets on both sides. Small wagers and multiple bets also reduce risk while increasing your chances of profit.

Check betting predictions today on daddybet official and big win!

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