Ashwin gives his opinion on the Bumrah and Anderson brawl

R Sridhar and Ravi Ashwin discussing the Jasprit Bumrah vs James Anderson incident during the Lord’s Test Match.

During the historic match at Lords, India defeated the host by a landslide win in an epic encounter where the host is the favorite to win, but the Indian bowlers have different plans for the host and India won the match.

From Kohli Anderson to Bumrah Anderson, and then Bumrah with Buttler, the match is known for its banter. Anderson was not happy with the pace at which Bumrah was being bowled by India’s fielding coach, R Sridhar, as stated in the YouTube video he posted.

In addition to Anderson and Bumrah’s heated disagreements, Bumrah’s aggressive approach is also being questioned.

Ashwin supports Bumrah in the statement he said“The thing was, Jimmy (James Anderson) was like, “Hey mate! Why are you bowling so fast? Am I doing the same to you?” Ashwin said on his YouTube channel in conversation with R Sridhar.

The beauty about that is, looks like Jimmy had told Boom, (Bumrah). All these while, you were bowling in the 80MPHs, suddenly on seeing me, why are you bowling in the 90MPHs?” Ashwin added.

Now, India’s fielding coach has questioned Anderson as well.

So after the innings, the boys were walking back to the dressing room. Then, Bumrah walked past Jimmy and just patted at him, so as to tell him that it wasn’t intentional. We all know Bumrah, he is such a nice guy. So he had gone to talk to him and end the matter, but Jimmy brushed him aside,” Sridhar said.

He also added “Brushing him aside”. He told him, “You bowl only 85MPH to the other batters, you are bowling 90 MPH to me. This is cheating, I won’t accept.”

Rahul was upset by the crowd throwing objects at him on the fielding. This attitude from England is also condemned by Twitter users who say it is a gentleman’s game and England, the inventor of the game shows little respect for sports.

India Heroes of the Victory

Lord’s Test was won by many heroes, including KL Rahul, who scored an unbeaten 129 runs and mentioned his lord’s wall of honour in gold. – Mohd Shami’s 54 runs and Bumrah’s 34 runs put India in a strong position for the match, and then Siraj’s four-four wicket haul helped India to a historic win at Lord’s.

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