James Pattinson Retires from International Cricket

The legendary bowler’s decision however, a huge one, did not come as a surprise. With him struggling to keep up motivation during the winter months, and nursing his multiple knee issues and injuries, it was almost inevitable for him to retire a bit earlier than expected. 

With 81 wickets in his career, James showed his destructive ability to everyone. At home, he had even better records with 49 wickets in just 11 matches. 

Former team mate and current coach, Chris Rogers said, “He’s been through so much in his career, he has played through pain a lot of the time and that wears you down. You get a little bit older and your motivation starts to change. He’ll be thinking about his family and life after cricket. We’ve known each other for a little while. We’ve observed him closely over this pre-season. When you have a caged lion in the depths of winter in the indoor center trying to get motivated you can sense something is a little bit amiss. We probably felt there were a few question marks about what he would do and he’s made the decision.”

Rogers played three Tests alongside Pattinson, continued, “He had so much energy. Sometimes, he found it hard to control the ball but other times, when he did it was epic to watch.”

Pucovski Out for the Ashes?

After a lifetime of injuries and concussions, Pucovski’s history has caught up to him. In doubts for the Ashes later in the year, Pucovski missed a match for Victoria in the Sheffield league recently. 

Victoria Coach Chris Rogers, believes Will can still make it to the Ashes and play for his country. Since his teenage years he has suffered multiple concussions  and recently went through a shoulder rebuild as well. 

Will’s fitness for the Ashes is  a big question, and even though speculation remains that he might make it, his selection seems dicey at best. 

Recently, a 25 year old cricketer, Harvey Hosein was also forced to retire due to nagging injuries and concussions. Will continues his best to try to heal up before the Ashes, as Chris Rogers said, “It’s a good question. Nothing that I can really answer. He sees specialists so they’ll be talking to him about that and obviously, that’s got to play a role at some stage but at the moment, he’s still keen to continue on. He’s been through this before, he knows what it’s like. He’s a pretty resilient guy now. If you go through this many setbacks you’ve got to have something about you. He’s going alright. Yesterday when I spoke to him, he seemed pretty positive so that’s all I can say.”