Stead Comments on Williamson’s Elbow

New Zealand’s head coach Gary Stead, talked about Kane’s consistent issue with his elbow. Williamson had walked into it again whilst batting for New Zealand in their second warm up match. He scored 37 of 30 balls. 

After missing out the first warm up with a hamstring issue, Wlliamson’s presence remains questionable throughout the world cup currently. The head coach, Stead had warned Williamson against “Over-hitting” in the nets ahead of the fixtures.

“I think we’re still pretty hopeful and confident that if we get the rest right, initially here now, and get that balance right then he should be right to play,” Stead said. “I mean Kane is a prodigious hitter of balls, he loves to prepare that way as well, and in some ways that’s probably the worst thing he can do, is over-hit at times. So, it’s really [about] getting that balance right, between feeling ready and feeling prepared to go, and making sure we don’t aggravate anything any further.”

“Good to have Tim Seifert back, he just had a very minor abdominal strain and so he’s recovered well,” Stead said. “Played full part today and no issues at all. Mark Chapman had his first run back for a while as well and got through the games nicely, so again we will see how he scrubs up tomorrow morning when the physio looks at him; just to check over where he’s at. Kane’s elbow has just flared up a little bit after the last match and so it was more precautionary than anything. We just feel if we can get his preparation right in terms of not over-hitting and aggravating it through training, then it gives him the best chance to be right through the tournament. I think on the whole we’re tracking pretty well.”