Stoinis Back in the Bowling Attack?

Marcus Stoinis, the Australian all-rounder, returned to action last night against New Zealand. Missing from the Delhi Capitals side for most of the second leg of the IPL, the Aussie was busy recovering from a hamstring injury. 

Marcus returned last night to play a small cameo for Australia in their 3 wicket win against New Zealand as he went on the pitch to score 28 runs from 23 deliveries. Though his batting form seemed to be fine post injury, he still has to return as part of the Aussie bowling attack. 

“My hammy is good. I didn’t bowl tonight, but it’s tracking pretty well,” Stoinis said. “It feels like it’s on the right track and it’s ready to go. I guess I’ll probably bowl in that next game.” 

Marcus Stoinis looks to return to taking wickets for his country in the next warm up game against India on Wednesday. 

“I felt alright. It was nice to spend some time in the middle. I’ve spent a lot of time in the nets lately, so it was nice to get in the middle and just build a little partnership and do what is required for the team”, Stoinis said.