IND VS ENG: Why is Virat Kohli Unhappy with England’s Batsmen?

As with any sport, cricket has rules. Some are great, but others can be poor. Those that aren’t good for the game are updated as the game progresses. These rules must, however, be followed. It is about playing the game in the right spirit and making it a Gentleman’s Game. Occasionally, players and teams find a way around some of these rules. Kohli was upset about an incident that occurred during India’s Test series against England.

Currently, the five-match series is tied at 1-1. A team that wins this game cannot lose the series. In this match, the players are trying their best to gain an advantage. The rivalry has been heated both on and off the pitch.

On the first day of this fourth Test at the Oval, Virat Kohli seemed unappreciative.

Due to the swing, batsmen took guard outside the crease at The Oval. The marking was earlier than usual. Rishabh Pant, an Indian batsman, was one of them. England, however, began the practice in a slightly different way.

There was a rough/dangerous area on the pitch while the English team was batting. The English batsmen tried to mark their guard quite near it. In general, batsmen should not do this since they will step repeatedly on the pitch, disrupting play.

Kohli and co. protested, but the umpires failed to issue them a warning. King Kohli did not seem happy about this, and it should have happened.

Harsha Bhogle explains the rule in detail in the video below. India’s captain describes his disappointment.

What seems insignificant at the moment could turn into a major issue in the future. The English might be able to bowl out the Indians fairly quickly if the pitch turns or cuts in over the next three days. As a result, they can use this tactic to try to win the game and the series.

Kohli disagreed with what he was saying for the same reason. Former cricketers and pundits did not warn. Emperors are supposed to protect the pitch at all costs, but they didn’t. They stood and watched like nothing was wrong the entire time. If the pitch collapses, we will know who is to blame!

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Leeds Umpires Ask Rishabh Pant to Remove Tape From Gloves

At Headingley, the second day of the ongoing third Test between England and India was a tiring one for the visiting bowlers. Joe Root, who hit his third century in the series, added to England’s misery. With two wickets left in hand, the hosts have a huge lead of about 350 runs. During the day’s play, the young Indian wicket-keeper batsman, Rishabh Pant, and skipper Virat Kohli were seen chatting with both the on-field umpires.

In preparation for the third session, the on-field umpires, Alex Wharf and Richard Kettleborough asked Rishabh Pant to remove the tapes from his wicketkeeping gloves. According to the MCC laws, his fourth and fifth fingers were taped.

Law 27.2 designed for gloves states as follows, “If, as permitted under 27.1, the wicketkeeper wears gloves, they shall have no webbing between the fingers except joining index finger and thumb, where webbing may be inserted as a means of support”

It was interesting to note that the umpires took action after Dawid Malan was caught behind the wickets off the last ball before tea and shortly after walking out onto the field, they got Rishabh Pant’s gloves taped up. The commentators on-air, Nasser Hussain and David Lloyd, also clarified the laws regarding the gloves, indicating that one cannot tape them as Pant did.

Nasser Hussain said, “There’s lots in the laws of the game about the webbing, but we’re hearing from the third umpire, Richard Illingworth, that he wasn’t allowed and he’s not allowed to tape his gloves like that, so they’ve asked him to take that tape off.”

Lloyd argued that Dawid Malan’s dismissal was illegal and he should’ve been recalled. Nasser Hussain however contended that tapes had been present throughout the series, not just for this match.

Here’s the video of the same:

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Virat Kohli Gets Fired up After Bumrah 4 at the Lord’s Balcony

Virat Kohli is always there to boost the team’s morale. In the first inning, he scored 42 runs. Sadly, he was out in the second innings after scoring 20 runs, including four fours.

During the ongoing second Test match at Lord’s, Indian captain Virat Kohli made headlines. At first, Kohli responded to Anderson’s reckless move by hitting out at the pacer with a bold statement.

On Day 4, the skipper was also captured on camera signalling Rishabh Pant. Kohli and Rohit were dissatisfied with Pant over the light at the Lord’s. The video went viral.

Throughout the play, both England and India have had their moments. Any team could take the lead in the ongoing series. It was encouraging to see the Indians make a statement at Lord’s.

In the first innings, India scored 364 while England scored 391 with a lead of 27 runs. The Indians finished Day 4 with 181 runs for the loss of 6 wickets. Things took a turn for the worse on the final day.

Kohli gets fired up at the Lord’s

Ollie Robinson dismissed Rishabh Pant on Day 5, when he was supposed to dictate terms. To mount more pressure on India, Robinson fired Ishant Sharma.

Mohammed Shami and Jasprit Bumrah are doing everything they can to help the side. The game is on as India leads by more than 200 runs. Social media is flooded with a video of Indian captain Virat getting fired up at Lord’s.

Watch Video:

Bumrah hit a boundary off the bowling of Mark Wood in the 93rd over. The players in the Indian dressing room applauded Bumrah immediately afterward.

From the balcony, Virat Kohli spoke very animatedly. Some appear to have been exchanged between overs. When he got fired up, Jasprit Bumrah hit a boundary through point off Mark Wood.

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Kohli Burns India’s Second Review Despite Pant’s Warning; Twitter Reacts

It is a much-understood thing that, never rely on a bowler’s word to take DRS reviews because everything that hits the pads is OUT. On the insistence of Mohammed Siraj, Virat Kohli decided to review an LBW decision against Joe Root, only to return disappointed once again. Although Rishabh Pant had already warned him!

Next Indian Captain Rishabh Pant!😂