Domingo Comments on Sri Lanka Squad After Defeat to Scotland

Sri Lanka’s head coach, Russell Domingo, commented on his side after their loss to Scotland on Sunday. With the fans and the board breathing down the team’s neck, Domingo requires the squad to up their level and perform at their best to stand a chance against the best teams in the world. 

However, in the press conference, Domingo put on a calm face and answered all questions with a positive attitude.

“I am always a fan of having a left-hander and a right-hander on the wicket,” Domingo said. “We want to have different types of batters batting at the same time, not similar types of players. We have discussed it in depth. There might not be major changes, but there might be one or two tweaks in the line-up. As you have seen in the series against Australia and New Zealand, we have been flexible. It will depend on the situation and the bowlers that are bowling at the time.”

Bangladesh have struggled in terms of batting order balance, specially in the top order. They would need to play the powerplay through with balance, good cricketing strokes and batsmen with good form.

“If you get 35-45 in the first six, it allows you to launch at the backend. We have to address the powerplay a bit better now. We have made a few mistakes, played shots we shouldn’t have played, stopped playing those shots we should be playing. So we have to find the right balance between attack and defence in the first six overs,” Domingo said.