Following Team India’s win over England, Sourav Ganguly tweets and Michael Vaughan reacts

The series now stands at 2-1 with India leading the fourth Test. The third game was lost rather emphatically. The fight-back had to be something, and it was. Michael Vaughan, the former England cricket captain and a vocal opponent of cricket, was however disappointed.

After all the criticism he received from Team India fans, they couldn’t help but laugh at him. Until England crumbles under pressure, at least. Twitter, especially, works in this way.

What Sourav Ganguly Tweeted After His Win — And What Michael Vaughan Replied

Team India’s victory thrilled BCCI president Sourav Ganguly. Despite a late comeback, the team won the match. Every Indian was proud of it, including the former Indian captain. The side’s efforts were appreciated by him via Twitter.

Micheal Vaughan wasn’t entirely pleased with what he had seen. A part of what he said was true. He simply feels that way about the Indian team. Some may agree with him, while others may not.

Below you can see the batsman’s Twitter response to Ganguly:

What are your thoughts about Vaughan’s tweet response?

Vaughan’s Tweets make sense, there is no doubt about that. Currently, England is the world champion in the 50-over format. When viewed in light of what Michael Vaughan says in this regard, the Tweet makes sense.

In spite of this, Team India has dominated Test matches in recent years. Last year, they lost the World Test Championship Final to New Zealand but won big games against top teams (Australia and England). Kohli and co. dominated the longest format of the game.

In addition, this series has featured some brilliant cricket. The fans are loving every bit of it so far. After winning the fourth game of the series, India currently leads the series. The final game between the two teams will determine the winner.

The Three Lions have already lost two games this season. Michael Vaughan won’t be pleased. He should have received more help from them. Sometimes, their batsmen are also to blame for their inconsistency. Now let’s wait and see what they produce!

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