The ECB Wrote a Humiliating Statement Over The Banner of a Plane Flying Over Leeds Stadium in The Third Test

On Day 3 of the third test between India and England, some interesting things happened. A standard was spotted flying with a plane over the Leeds Cricket Ground. It read ‘Sack ECB and Save Test Cricket’, which was embarrassing for the England and Wales Cricket Board. During India’s subsequent innings, it occurred in the 25th over.

Evidently, the ECB’s recent focus on white-ball cricket hasn’t piqued the interest of all cricket fans. During the 2019 World Cup, there were similar messages, but they were political in nature. The cricketing assortment of England was examined this time around by someone. 

Many times this year, the ECB has shown a preference for white-ball cricket rather than Test cricket. Because of their return from the Indian Premier League or the 100-ball competition, you can rest a portion of the top players during the tests against New Zealand.

Further, the ECB requested that some of its test players play the underlying matches of ‘The Hundred‘. Therefore, this was an ill-advised practice for the high-profile test series against India. Even some players admitted that their training before the series had not been the best. 

There are several reasons why the ECB is despised, including the 100-ball tournament, which is not very interesting to fans of the longest configuration.

Jarvo’s participation in the Test Match

Jarvo, who was seen again on the pitch on the third day of the Leeds Test after contributing as an Indian defender in the second test. In this case, the intruder was disguised as an Indian batsman. Jarvo wore a face veil during the event to protect the players from infection. On Day 3, there was another diverting event.

Matches in a thrilling mode

A few Indian players abandoned execution in the primary innings, which resulted in the entire group being packaged out for 78. As a result, England scored a magnificent 432-run total. England had a lead of 354 runs on Day 3 of the game. On Day 3, the Indian batsmen had reduced the lead to only 139 runs. 

Kohli and Pujara have both dealt with 99-run organizations thus far. On Day 4, if both batsmen complete the underlying overs, the pressing factor may shift to the Englishmen.

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